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Als Bell 1957 als Bischof von Chichester zurücktrat, blickte er in einer Abschiedsrede zurück auf seine Tätigkeit und legte gewissermaßen Rechenschaft ab. Dabei wird deutlich, wie sehr ihm Gerechtigkeit und Frieden als wichtigstes Anliegen der Kirche im In- und Ausland am Herzen lagen:

It has been my aim to encourage a growing consciousness of what the church means, and what membership involves. I have stood for common order in Christ’s church … In the questions of international justice and world peace I am an ardent, though I hope neither an unreal nor too impatient, champion … I have worked and prayed and spoken right through my time in Chichester, going sometimes, … against the stream. I have spoken on these themes not only in convocations and church assemblies, but also in the House of Lords. I have risen in my place in Parliament in the belief that bishops, as spiritual peers, have a duty to make responsible contributions from time to time on public questions, not as party politicians, but as Christian men specially concerned with moral issues and the well-being of the nation as a whole (zitiert nach van der Bent, Bell, S. 33).

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